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  ZHEJIANG TAIZHOU JIAOJIANG JIAXIN SEALS FACTORY located in developed areas,the beautiful scenery of the coast of the East China Sea in Taizhou center You in product design,mold development,as a sulfide processing services,professional production of a wide range of sophisticated cased seal,valve seal.small electrical appliances silica products,o-rings(45℃),the pads,and other miscellaneous pieces of rubber and rubber mold.Two die a vacuum cavity,the Senate opened Floating molds.
  In the company's strong engineering and technical strength,advanced production equipment,testing equipment and product design and reasonable.has won the praise.The company has also specialized in the production of various specifications STAINLESS STEEL INDUSTRY float,punching strainer cover sheet metal forming and stamping.Traps doors for mechanical products,liquid level in other industries,Traps enterprises in the supply of some products in Miyazaki,Japan threat to world famous companies.You pleasing in appearance products,forming a seam,and pressure tests,practice three bags of quality and price concessions.
   "People-oriented,realistic,winning by quality"is the idea of running a business,Plant employees sincere welcome to all the new and old customers to visit and to map,sample processing customization.Together for a great cause!

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